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DIBS Tutorial Video

IMPORTANT INFO-Service hours/Concessions (DIBS hours)


The support of each Mosinee youth hockey family in performing the service hour requirement plays a key part in our program’s success!  The minimum number of service hours is 20 hours and the hours required are per family, not per skater.


All hockey families are required to fulfill the following service hours/concession hours:


  • At least 5 hours but no more than 7 by Dec. 22nd
  • At least 10 hours but no more than by 12 Jan 22nd
  • At least 15 hours but no more than by 17 Feb 22nd
  • At least 20 hours but no more than 22 by March 22nd


If you have not already set up at DIBS (Sport NGIN) account, please do so soon. This can be done directly from .  The Create an Account is on the upper left of all the pages.  Throughout the season Sasha Kesy and Kelly Michalski will send out e-mails to all hockey families letting you know that DIBS have been posted, at which time you can log in and claim time(s).  Because the schedules for hockey games, open skate, and hockey tournaments often changes throughout the season, DIBS hours are sent out in blocks of times vs. what is available for the entire season.  Not working the required hours will result in your child/children not being able to participate in practice and/or games.


**Note: Several changes were made to the Service Obligations portion of the MHC policy manual during the February 2014 board meeting. Please review the MHC Policy Manual, Service Obligations, pgs.13 &14.


Buy Out Option

If you are interested in not participating in your service hours and would like to buyout the cost is $400/player or $600.00/family.  Checks can be made out to Mosinee Hockey. 


Service Time Schedulers:   

Deidre Yirkovsky - 715-581-2279 Email 

Dennise Fjeldsted - 715-574-1493 Email

DIBs Tutorial Video

If you have any questions on how to claim your DIB items (concession hours), please click on this link for the tutorial video.