Coaches' Corner

New Coaches

  • All age-specific modules and Safesport must be completed before coaches can take the ice at the beginning of the season.
  • Coaches must complete a coaching application each year (link is located under all coaches #3), even if they have coached in the past.
  • Please make sure to write your date of birth somewhere on the application as well! It helps us find you in the USA Hockey system.
  • Coaching application deadline coincides with closing of player registration each year.

All Coaches

The USA Hockey playing season runs from Sept. 1st through Aug. 31st of each year.

  1. Register with USA Hockey – Once registration is complete, send USA Hockey Confirmation number to Registrar – Meg Lech. This must be completed every year.
  2. Complete Background Check – This needs to be completed every 2 years. This is necessary to pass a criminal background check conducted by the club as required by USA Hockey. If you are unsure if you need to complete this, the registrar can look this up using your USA Hockey Registration Confirmation Number. 
  3. Complete Coaching Application for Mosinee Hockey Club – This must be completed every year, even if you have previously coached. 
  4. Complete Safesport Training – This must be completed every year. 
  5. Complete Age-Specific Modules for the level you wish to coach as follows: Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam
  6. Read the Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet and understand what a concussion is and how it may be caused. 
  7. Read and Sign the Coach Concussion Acknowledgement Form. Email the completed form to the Registrar or print the form and leave in the Registrar's (Meg Lech) mailbox at the rink.
  8. Complete the next Coaching Education Program Clinic - Level required does not correspond to the level you wish to coach. You will need to take the level after the expiring level by the expiration date. If you are unsure of when your certification expires, please contact the Registrar.

Coaching Levels

Level 1: Required for first time coaches. Once you complete this level, you can coach at the Learn to Skate or Mite level even after the expiration date. You will only need to move on to Level 2 if you wish to coach at a level higher than Mites.

Level 2: Required after the Mite level of coaching and must be completed by 12/31 of the year you wish to coach in.

Level 3: Required prior to expiration of Level 2 certification. Once you have completed Level 3, you may take an online recertification up to 2 times before you are required to take Level 4. 

Online Level 3 Recertification 

Level 4: Required prior to expiration of Level 3 certification, unless you take an online refresher option. This is the highest level of coaching clinics available. Once you have completed this level, your certification will no longer have an expiration date.



Contact the Registrar with questions on Safesport, Background check, USA Hockey Registration, CEP Certification Expiration, Concussion Forms.

For all other coaching questions, contact the Directory of Hockey.

Meg Lech



Troy Michalski

Director of Hockey

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