Parent/Guardian Complaint Form

Complaints and concerns will be handled in a three-step process with an emphasis on resolving conflicts at the earliest possible stage.

Complaint/Concern Process

Step 1: Talk With Your Child's Coach

  • Have a private discussion with all concerned parties present (examples: coach and skater; coach, parent and skater; coach and parent).
  • This step does NOT need to involve other players parents, HDC members or MHC Board members.

Step 2: Contact a Hockey Development Committee Member

  • Get in contact with a member of the hockey development committee and explain your concern.
  • Set up a private discussion with all concerned parties present (coach, parents and a member of the HDC – skater may or may not attend).

Step 3: Contact the MHC Vice President

  • The skater and or parent should fill out the Concern/Complaint Form.
  • Submit the form the Vice President of the club. In the case of a conflict of interest, submit the form to the club President.

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