Storm 12U

Currently our program has 10U, 12U and 14U teams. Skaters are defined by their birth year. For the 2022-2023 season, 10U will be 2012/2013, 12U is 2010/2011 and 14U is 2008/2009


Where are practices and games typically held?

Answer: Each team has a dedicated rink. 10U is at Marathon Park, 12U is at Mosinee Rec Center and 14U is at Greenheck. 


When are practices and how often are they?

Answer: We average 2-3 practices a week (depending on ice availability) and the weekend may have games scheduled.

Extra Costs

What costs beyond registration fees should be expected?

Answer: Storm does not cost anything extra. You pay your registration fees for your association. There may be tournament or game costs that come up but are usually put to a team vote prior to signing up for extra games.

Can we sign up for Storm if we are not in Mosinee/Wausau?

Answer: It depends on if your local association has a girls team available at your skaters level. If they do, you would need to skate with them or ask for a release from your association to play somewhere else. Check with your local association for more details.


Are jerseys provided or are they purchased separately?

Answer: Jerseys are supplied by Storm.

Frequently Asked Questions


Storm is a co-op of Mosinee Hockey Club, MCYHA and Everest Youth Hockey. You sign up with your local association based on your school district / address. Your dues and volunteer hours will be through them and you will have the same expectations as any other member of their association for raffles, volunteer hours etc.

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